A Grant from the Anthony Duclair Foundation

We are proud to announce that we are giving a $4,000 grant to Koby Francis to support his hockey journey at Seacoast Performance Academy. Koby was a victim of racism in hockey.

In the M15 AAA category, the Intrépide de l’Outaouaislost two players.

Koby Francis and Anthony Allain-Samaké have chosen to end their season. The two boys, racialized, claim that they were victims of racism throughout the season.

“There were never any problems. In any case, not to my knowledge,” reacts his mother, Nathalie Fortin.

The first frictions would have occurred very early this season. It would mainly be a question of inappropriate or discriminatory comments.he word beginning with the letter “N” would have been used on more than one occasion.Meetings took place with the players and their parents, but the problems, argue the two players, were not resolved.

Following an incident on the ice during a training session, Koby Francis chose to leave the team.At the same time, the two boys chose to leave the sports-study program.

“I would say Koby is going through a lot of frustrations at the moment. He doesn’t play anymore. He started at his new school. He is motivated. He can’t wait to move on to something else,” comments Nathalie Fortin.

After numerous zoom calls, conversations and support, Koby has regained his confidence with Anthony support. He has encouraged him to stay motivated and to pursue his hockey dreams and has provided him with a $4,000 grant from the foundation to attend the Seacoast Performance Academy.

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